Reduce Your Dental Expense by Buying Full Dental Coverage

Full Dental Coverage

Dental insurance plans are popular not because a lot of people have them. They’re popular because they’re the best way to save money on expensive dental procedures. As more people realize the need for affordable dental services, dental insurance plans have become a way for them to maintain and take care of their pearly whites.

However, dental insurance plans can be quite expensive for some people. Yes, you can pay as low as $20 a month for an individual plan but this only covers the basic and preventive services. So if you think you will need more than basic and preventive care, it might be worthwhile to consider buying full dental coverage. In this post, you’ll learn more about it and its perks.

What is Full Dental Coverage?

Full dental coverage is the term used to describe a kind of dental insurance plan that covers “everything”. By everything, we mean preventive, basic, and major procedures.

Preventive procedures refer to services that maintain your teeth and gums so they don’t cause trouble in the future. This includes cleaning, fluoride treatments, tests, and x-rays. Basic procedures include minor treatments like fillings, tooth extractions, and emergency care for pain relief. And major procedures, as the name suggests, involve services that deal with complex oral problems like surgeries, root canals, and more complicated tooth extractions.

In spite of its name, full dental coverage doesn’t cover everything. In fact, it doesn’t cover braces and other cosmetic procedures. Cosmetic procedures refer to services that make your teeth look good such as whitening and implants. However, this will all still depend on your insurance provider. Some offer discounts for cosmetic procedures while others don’t.

Benefits of Full Dental Coverage

  1. More Savings

The most obvious benefit with having a full dental coverage is the amount of savings you’ll get in a year. Even if it will definitely be more expensive to pay for, it will be able to save you a lot on both basic and major procedures. For preventive procedures, it’s a guarantee that you get them free because most insurance companies cover 100% of the cost. For basic procedures, it can go up to 80% and 50% for major procedures. So if you think you will need more than preventive care in the future, buying full dental coverage will save you a lot of money.

  1. Better Coverage

Another benefit to having full dental coverage is the number of services this kind of plan offers. Unlike cheap insurance plans, full dental coverage gives more than just two annual cleanings for free. In fact, by just having all preventive care in its coverage will go a long way for a lot of people’s dental problems.

  1. Gives You Less Worry

And of course, a full dental coverage gives you less worry when it comes to shelling out a lot of money for emergency dental procedures. Because it gives at least a 50% discount on major procedures, an emergency will not make a huge dent on your savings. Moreover, you will be able to save more for these kinds of events thanks to a full dental coverage plan.

A Few Things to Consider

If money is not an issue, it’s always better to get a dental insurance plan with a wider coverage. However, you still shouldn’t buy a plan right away. Researching on what you need and what other insurance providers offer will be able to give you the best option for a full coverage plan. You can even consult a broker for this.

It’s also important that you read the fine print of any insurance plan. This is because some insurance plans have conditions before you get to enjoy other procedures. For example, some insurance plans only have coverage for preventive treatments during the first year. On the second year, you can already get access to basic procedures and some major treatments. So before you buy a plan, know these things so you can also manage your expectations.

Overall, getting a full coverage dental plan is a good idea especially if you have the budget for it. But always remember to check the coverage to make sure that the dental services you’ll need in the future are part of your plan.